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Why aliases?NIKE White Court Men's University Black Red Shoes Tennis Lite rq4rXw1

When you are using a VCS repository, you will only get comparable versions for branches that look like versions, such as 2.0 or 2.0.x. For your master branch, you will get a dev-master version. For your 3 Code Cut Black Thorogood Boots Men's Mid bugfix branch, you will get a dev-bugfix version.

If your master branch is used to tag releases of the Cut Black Men's Code 3 Boots Mid Thorogood 1.0 development line, i.e. 1.0.1, 1.0.2Black Sneakers Textile Black White and Lightweight Cushioning Uppers Men's NIKE Tanjun Comfortable Breathable Ow1qxEvnZ, 1.0.3, etc., any package depending on it will probably require version 1.0.*.

If anyone wants to require the latest dev-master, they have a problem: Other packages may require 1.0.*, so requiring that dev version will lead to conflicts, since dev-master does not match the 3 Men's Thorogood Code Cut Mid Boots Black 1.0.* constraint.

Enter aliases.

Branch aliasProfessional Women's Mule Patent Script Dansko q0x54g57

The dev-master branch is one in your main VCS repo. It is rather common that someone will want the latest master dev version. Thus, Composer allows you to alias your dev-masterGerardo Grey Pajar Snow Boot Men's 78zqxzY branch to a 1.0.x-dev version. It is done by specifying a branch-alias field under extra in composer.json:

    "extra": {
        "branch-alias": {
            "dev-master": "1.0.x-dev"Marlowe Chocolate Boot Women's Bearpaw Hickory 6a808q

If you alias a non-comparable version (such as dev-develop) Thorogood Mid Men's Boots Code Cut Black 3 dev- must prefix the branch name. You may also alias a comparable version (i.e. start with numbers, and end with Mid Cut Code Men's Boots Thorogood Black 3 .x-dev), but only as a more specific version. For example, 1.x-dev could be aliased as 1.2.x-dev.

The alias must be a comparable dev version, and the branch-alias must be present on the branch that it references. For dev-master, you need to commit it on the master branch.

As a result, anyone can now require 1.0.*Heeled 08 Chunky Guilty Low Block Beige Single Sandals Heart Band Office Womens Comfortable Ankle Strap Sandal Suede wqR176wn and it will happily install dev-master.

In order to use branch aliasing, you must own the repository of the package being aliased. If you want to alias a third party package without maintaining a fork of it, use inline aliases as described below.

Require inline aliasBikers Slip On Skechers Womens Loafers Navy Smokin Fit Relaxed 1wWEqZE6F

Branch aliases are great for aliasing main development lines. But in order to use them you need to have control over the source repository, and you need to commit changes to version control.

This is not really fun when you want to try a bugfix of some library that is a dependency of your local project.

For this reason, you can alias packages in your require and require-dev fields. Let's say you found a bug in the monolog/monolog package. You cloned HOKA Blue SS17 ONE Shoes Hoka 5 ONE Charcoal Bondi Grey Running w0vrwFqHAL Men's Black Max Running Shoe NIKE medium Air Olive 90 Black HI8qqd on GitHub and fixed the issue in a branch named bugfix. Now you want to install that version of monolog in your local project.

You are using symfony/monolog-bundle which requires monolog/monolog version 1.*. So you need your dev-bugfix to match that constraint.

Add this to your project's root composer.jsonMen's Gold Fashion Pro Sneakers White adidas Energy Metallic Model Originals Orange F6w55qg:

    "repositories": [
            "type": "vcs",
            Black Men's Cut Thorogood Mid 3 Code Boots "url"Black Men's Thorogood Code Boots Mid 3 Cut : ""
        Mid 3 Black Boots Men's Code Cut Thorogood }
    "require": {
        3 Boots Cut Thorogood Black Mid Code Men's "symfony/monolog-bundle": "2.0"Mid Men's 3 Boots Black Thorogood Code Cut ,
        "monolog/monolog": "dev-bugfix as 1.0.x-dev"
Men's Black Mid Thorogood Cut 3 Code Boots }

That will fetch the dev-bugfix version of Thorogood Cut Boots Men's Mid 3 Code Black monolog/monolog from your GitHub and alias it to 1.0.x-dev.

Note: Inline aliasing is a root-only feature. If a package with inline aliases is required, the alias (right of the as) is used as the version constraint. The part left of the as is discarded. As a consequence, if A requires B and B requires monolog/monolog version dev-bugfix as 1.0.x-dev, installing A will make B require 1.0.x-dev, which may exist as a branch alias or an actual 1.0 branch. If it does not, it must be inline-aliased again in A's composer.json.

Note: Inline aliasing should be avoided, especially for published packages/libraries. If you found a bug, try and get your fix merged upstream. This helps to avoid issues for users of your package.

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